OFYC 2020 Virtual Policy Conference

If you’re 14-25 years old and have ever been in foster care, you’re invited!!! Join 35-40 other current or former foster youth from across Oregon for four days of virtual advocacy, activism, leadership and fun!

Where: At your computer
When: Saturday, August 22nd – Tuesday, August 25th

Registration will be open very soon!

The OFYC Policy Conference is a 4-day conference where you will have a chance to create legislative solutions that will help all children and youth in foster care in Oregon!

  • We’ll talk about problems that YOU see within the system
  • We’ll think through solutions to those problems
  • We’ll present our solutions and recommendations for policy change with a room full of adults! (DHS Administration, Legislators, CASAs, Attorneys, and other people connected to Child Welfare)

But the conference isn’t all about work! You’ll make friends and participate in fun evening activities!

Here is an idea of what your time at the convening will look like:

Day 1 (Saturday):

  •  Registration
  •  Welcome
  •  Evening Activities

Day 2 (Sunday):

  • Morning Session
  • Afternoon Session
  • Evening Activities

Day 3 (Monday):

  • Morning Session
  • Afternoon Session
  • Evening Activities

Day 4 (Tuesday):

  • Morning Practice
  • Afternoon Policy Presentation: to adults who can make Policy & Legislative change!

“Sessions” will be things like: Identifying the problems, brainstorming solutions, learning about current policies, preparing your presentation.

Let us know how we could support you to attend. We support youth with gender neutral bathrooms, a counselor, a nurse, transportation, safety planning, accessible materials, etc.


Registration Materials will be available below:

  • Application Participant/Youth (coming soon)
  • Photo/Media Release Form for Participants & Adults (coming soon)
  • Application Adult Supporter (coming soon)
  • Background Check Adult Supporter (coming soon)
  • Adult Supporter Description (coming soon)

Foster Parents & Caseworkers

This 4-day gathering focuses on teamwork, critical thinking, public speaking, and leadership development, building a sense of community, having fun and making history! Through daily workshops and activities, youth will work together and learn how to use their experiences to direct policy change. On the final day of the conference they will get the chance to share their recommendations with legislators and other adults interested in Child Welfare at our Luncheon.

Important Documents (will be loaded soon!):

  • This link goes to the 2020 Prep List, Be sure to use it! Prep List 2020!
  • This link will take you to a copy of OFYC’s Expectations of youth who attend our conferences: Conference Expectations
  • This link is to a letter you can give to your teachers or school to try to get credit for attending the conference or to get an excused absence: School Letter
  • This flier was created to help explain what the 2018 Policy Conference is to Foster Parents, you may want to show this to yours if they have questions before letting you apply: Information for FosterParent

If you have any questions or concerns please contact Lisa McMahon, OFYC Program Director, at 503-236-9754 (extension 1), by emailing Lisa@ourchildrenoregon.org, or message her on Facebook.