OFYC members Macy and Sage traveled to Salem to

participate in a special opportunity.

Here’s what Macy said about her experience:

Macy: I was very blessed to be able to be an intern on Representative Keny-Guyer’s team during the 2020 short session. During that time I was fortunate enough to be able to see some of the ins and outs of the very hectic (especially during the short session) governmental system. I was able to attend meetings with those wanting to pass bills, manage her calendars, sift through emails and sort them into correct files and folders, sit on the “floor” of the House of Representatives, and also carpool to and from the Capitol while having life changing conversations.

The amount of heartfelt time and dedication Representative Keny-Guyer put into reading each and every bill, all the time she put into researching everything she could most of the time resulting in skipping lunch just so she could obtain as much information and make the most educated decision was inspiring. She has a true heart for all foster youth and the work they put into bills to improve our broken system and all of that just made working along side her such an honor.