OFYC members Violet D. and Phoenix R. traveled to Washington, D.C.

in March to participate in a special opportunity.

Here’s what Violet said about her experience:

What was the opportunity?

The Children’s Bureau (CB) and the Capacity Building Center for States (the Center) brought together Independent Living Program (ILP) State Coordinators and youth ambassadors for the Annual Chafee Program Alliance Meeting, March 4-7, 2020 in Washington, D.C. It prioritized engaging and partnering with young people in important conversations about how services for transition age foster youth are directly impacting them.

Who else was chosen to participate in this?

Violet and Phoenix were chosen to represent Oregon youth! 

Violet: I’m more than honored to have a chance to be a youth ambassador representing an Oregon foster youth.

What did you do?

Violet: During the trip, we had the opportunity to hear from other states, exchange ideas, and network! Many states are looking up to Oregon with creating a Sibling Bill of Rights. With that said, some states are looking into other things Oregon has done well such as youth having a savings account at 12 without a cosigner. Hearing from other people is always encouraging and I enjoyed sharing and learning with others.

Why was it important to take part in this opportunity?

Violet: Being able to share all my knowledge and information about my experience as well as other experiences provides me with healing satisfaction. There is no better feeling than being able to help others that you can relate with. The meeting went really well and everyone left eager to keep things headed in the right direction. Oregon is doing pretty good and I’m humbled by everyone’s efforts for their long hours they contributed in order for the unfortunate to have a good life. There is always room for improvement and with that said let’s keep climbing up.